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Mission & Objectives


The Vision of the faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is to be internationally recognized as a premier centre of excellence in teaching, research, professional and entrepreneurial training, in pharmaceutical sciences in Ghana and Africa, producing high caliber health professionals to support sustainable development of the health sector and industry in Ghana and the rest of Africa.

Mission Statement

The Faculty as the sole educational institution currently for the pharmaceutical sciences, has the following mission:

  • The development and promotion of high level education in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science.
  • The training of adequate numbers of pharmacy students for the profession to ensure equitable distribution of pharmacists to the regions in Ghana.
  • The strengthening of postgraduate education to promote research into areas of pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical sciences relevant to the country's needs.
  • To develop a centre of excellence for pharmacy in the country and to provide information to other relevant bodies and institution.
  • To train adequate numbers of Herbal Medicine graduates to transformthe traditional medicine practice in Ghana.

The objectives of Pharmacy as a  programme is that at the end of the programme, the students should be able to apply their knowledge of the fundamental concepts and principles in organic, physical, medicinal and analytical chemistry to pharmaceuticals and then relate these concepts to drug synthesis, manufacturing and quality assurance in the practice of pharmacy.