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Welcome Message From the Dean

For over 60 years the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (FPPS) has continually been a leader in the training of Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical Scientists and Herbal Medical Practitioners in Ghana and the West Africa Sub-region. It is renowned for innovation in Clinical practice and research. The Faculty over the years has produced well trained graduates who occupy well-paid positions in the Pharmaceutical sector of the country. About Eighty percent of Faculty of all the six Schools of Pharmacy in the country are products of FPPS.


The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences runs two flagship programmes; 4 year Bsc Herbal Medicine and 6 year Doctor of Pharmacy programmes. In addition to this we have a 2-year Doctor of Pharmacy top-up programme for practicing pharmacists, the first of its kind in the West Africa sub-region. Also, each of the five departments of the Faculty runs Msc, MPhil and PhD programmes in the various disciplines of Pharmacy.


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