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Prof Berko Panyin Anto

Prof Berko Panyin Anto

HOD, Department of Pharmacy Practice




Prof. Berko Panyin Anto holds an Msc in Clinical Pharmacy International Policy and Practice from the school of Pharmacy, University of London, a PhD from King's College London and a graduate certificate in academic practice from Kings college London. He is a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana. Dr. Anto is a lecturer in Clinical pharmacy and the coordinator of the Msc Clinical Pharmacy by long distance learning in the department of Clinical and Social Pharmacy. His area of research is medication safety.

Recent research into medication errors includes analyses of human and system factor issues in dispensing errors in hospital, an evaluation of manual and automated dispensing systems and the evaluation of the final dispensing accuracy check as a barrier to dispensing errors. Dr Anto has also undertaken studies in adverse reactions related to TB drugs and is currently undertaking a study on adverse drug reaction of herbal formulations in Ghana. His Most recent publications include:


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