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Dr. Francis Adu

Prof Francis Adu




Prof. Francis Adu is a lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutics (Microbiology), Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Health Sciences, KNUST, Kumasi. He graduated with Bachelor of Pharmacy (Second Class Upper division) from KNUST, Ghana in October 1987. Mr. Adu had his M Phil, Pharmaceutics (Microbiology) at KNUST in 1999.

He taught HND and Certificate students from Kumasi Polytechnic from 1994 to 1999.

He is currently a part time lecturer in the University of Ghana Pharmacy School.

His research interests include: Modulation of bacterial resistance to antibiotics using natural products; Search for Antibiotics from antibiotic producing microorganisms; Efficacy of antimicrobial formulations; Microbiological quality of Food and Medicinal products; and The use of herbal medicines in the management of chronic infections (including Buruli ulcer, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B)

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Three Recent Publications

  1. Gbedema SY, Adu F, Bayor MT, Annan K (2010). Modulation effects of Herbal extracts on the antibacterial activity of tetracycline. International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review, Vol01 Issue 04
  2. Stephen Y. Gbedema, Francis Adu, Marcel T. Bayor, Vivian E Arhin-Sam, Kofi Annan (2010). In vitro Antimicrobial Study of the Efficacy of a Toothpaste Formulated from Garcinia kola Stem Wood Extract. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Vol 2(2):98-101
  3. Stephen Y. Gbedema, Francis Adu, Marcel T Bayor, Kofi Annan and Joshua S Boateng (2010). Enhancement of Antibacterial Activity of Amoxicillin by some Ghanaian Medicinal Plants. IJPSR, Vol1(11):145-152

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