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Prof. Noble Kuntworbe

Prof Noble Kuntworbe




Prof. Noble Kuntworbe 

Office Address: Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Health Sciences, KNUST, Kumasi    Ghana


Telephone: +233(0)209968448

Qualifications (Degree/Education)

  • PhD in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics), December 2012
  • MPharm (Pharmaceutics), July 2004
  • Certificate  in Management of drug supplies, April 2003
  • BPharm (Hons), July 2000
  • Registered Pharmacist, Ghana, since 2002

Institutions of study

  1. The University of Auckland ,New Zealand, 2009 to 2012
  2. University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, 1996-2000, 2002-2004
  3. Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association through the university of Aberdeen, Scotland (distance learning), 2003

Area of speciality

  • General Pharmaceutics

Research interest

  1. Pharmaceutical nanotechnology
  2. Biopharmaceutics
  3. Antimalarial drug formulation development
  4. Pharmaceutical excipients development

Current Employer

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology through the Government of Ghana 

Employment Records and Positions Held

  1. 1.      Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana
  • Teaching Assistant in the Department of Pharmaceutics (national service) from September 2000 to June 2001.
  • Demonstrator, Department of Pharmaceutics, 2001 to June 2003.
  • Lecturer in Pharmaceutics 2005 up to date, currently a senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics
  1. 2.      University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Demonstrator (Pharmaceutics practicals) for four consecutive semesters 2011 to 2012 academic year
  • Product development scientist, AnQual Laboratory, University of Auckland,  2012 ,
  1. 3.      Kumasi Polytechnic, Ghana
  • Part time lecturer in pharmaceutics, 2004

Professional/Teaching Experience

My approach to teaching is to engage the students from time to time by asking them pertinent questions to ensure that they are following the lecture. This approach also put my students on alert throughout the lecture. It is my aim to always provide my students with lecture materials and also create a friendly environment all the time to ensure students are relaxed and feel at home. However I never hesitate to point out behaviours which are negative and poison the learning environment.

Since my engagement as a lecturer in June 2005, I have taught several courses in Pharmaceutics, both theory and practicals in all year groups. Some of the key courses I have taught include: Biopharmaceutics, Basic Incompatibilities in Dispensing, Routes of Drug Administration, Liquid and Solid state, Pharmaceutical Aerosols, Physico-chemical Processes in Pharmacy, suppositories, powders and powder Technology, Galenical and Non-Galenical Dosage forms, Post Market Surveillance / Pharmacovigilant, Drug Delivery Systems among others.

I contributed significantly towards the development of the very first editions of our laboratory manuals and continue to play a key role in reviewing the content each year.

Positions held and hold

  1. Chairman, School Management Committee, Boadi Metropolitan Authority Primary and Junior High Schools, Kumasi, Ghana
  2. Lecturer , Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi 2004 to 2012
  3. Senior Lecturer, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana 2013 to date
  4. Examinations Officer, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, KNUST, August 2015 to date.
  5. Deputy vacation Training Coordinator for the Department of Pharmaceutics KNUST, April, 2013.
  6. Examinations Officer, Department of Pharmaceutics, KNUST, February, 2013 to July, 2015.
    1. Annual visiting lecturer, Madonna University, Elele, Nigeria, since 2014

Honours and awards

New Zealand Aid for International Development (NZAID) Commonwealth Scholarship, 2009


  1. Member, Controlled Release Society
  2. Member, Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana
  3. Member, and former National Secretary, Academic and Social Pharmacists Association of Ghana, 


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Conference papers

I have seven (7) international conference papers

Research projects

  • My current research project is a study to improve the bioavailability of the antibiotic clarithromycin by developing a self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS), which is a lipid-based formulation. The project is in an advanced stage
  • I have also collaborated with other colleagues to investigate a number of natural gums for their potential as drug delivery and muco-adhesive polymers.
  • Formulation and evaluation of cryptolepine-loaded gelatine nanoparticles for the treatment of malaria. This study was conducted during a PhD programme in 2009-2012.


  • Development of a combined chloroquine and chlorpheniramine maleate granules to offset the chloroquine-induced itch in sensitive individuals. This study was conducted in partial fulfilment of an award of an MPharm degree in 2005. 

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